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About Sinasia

Sinasia Jewellery provides exclusive in number and unique designs of fashion jewellery. We take pride in our hand lack of similarity and ability in retaining affordable prices for hand made jewellery and such a level of exclusivity in quantities. So, rest assured that the beautiful jewellery you own from sinasia, are rare and ever so special!

We are determined to give our deserving customers a one in a billion product, literally! Our designs are made to express every woman’s internal colours, individuality and confidence, highlighting her gorgeous, non-comparable femininity, soft elegance and edge, whilst maintaining affordability with exclusivity as well. Ladies wearing Sinasia can feel super confident and unique wearing her jewellery knowing that it is either the only one in the world, or one out of the maximum five that we produce!

We have been in the jewellery industry since 2011. We started in Amman, Jordan and we now expanded our business to the United Kingdom starting late 2016. We are also under exciting projects in other regions of the world, trying to make it as easy as possible for you to receive exceptional standards of service and quick access to our beautiful pieces and look as fabulous as ever.

For any queries, please contact us at info@sinasiajewellery.com


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